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The main reason affirmations don’t work is because they are a giant leap from where your current mindset is. So, when you say it, your cellular intelligence rejects it. It knows that you have some built-in subconscious programming that states otherwise, so automatically the affirmation is rejected. How do you know it is rejected? Well, you feel like this is crap!

One way to prove to yourself physically which affirmations your body is rejecting, is to do muscle testing as demonstrated by Brent Phillips.

Try statements as demonstrated in the video:

I am a man

I am a woman

Did it work for you? Then try other “I am” statements. For example:

I am fun

I am healthy

I am happy

I am wealthy

I am connected to God


Of course we all know what is the Truth and what we are from the perspective of a higher consciousness, but if things are not working in our physical world, it’s usually based on a subconscious block or a bug in our programming.

You can also experiment to see how complex you can make your affirmation with your body being able to respond to the muscle test effectively.

Work with the affirmations that you are aligned with and journal the others that your body rejects. Here lies your inner work. I would love to hear your feedback on this exercise via WordPress or via Facebook.

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