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You are nice ALL the time.
People comment on how kind, sweet and helpful you are.
And you pride yourself in those qualities.
Yes, You! You know who you are.

Somehow you wished you had a friend just like you to help you and boost your spirits when you feel tired, down or broken. And now you keep smiling through your pain because you feel obligated to the world (in your ego-mind your behavior has turned into a mind-virus: Your ego-mind feels that the world will fall apart if you don’t hold it up with your enthusiasm).

Then in your reality, you get overlooked.
You are not first choice for the promotion. You are called to do the majority of the behind-the-scenes stuff. You are always waiting for your moment to shine, with your heart becoming entangled with feelings of blame, resentment, anger or depression. You sometimes feel that even the Universe has overlooked you.

But the bitter-sweet truth is that we are learning and growing all the time. You may feel on top of the world or crushed by a monster truck. And those feelings are based on your perception to the problem. You have been hard-wired by mass consciousness to respond to your reality. You feel the need to believe what you see.

How can you change it (your reality),
if you keep responding to what
you have already created ?

Today, I urge you to revisit your priorities so that you make time for you first.
Continue to help others but only have you are fully charged (like a battery on 100%).

And if you need help rewiring your mind to focus on the good stuff,
then I happen to be great at that 🙂
Yes, I also trip myself up more often than most.
I’ve even seen how I’ve added bells and whistles to make my fall more dramatic in the past.
But, I keep getting up and I keep shifting my awareness.
Each fall happens in a new space.
And I learn.
I listen to my divine intuition and falls are 90% fun(ny) now.
Yes, the Universe has an amazing sense of humor.
This is the one thing for sure that I’m consistent with. If you want me to be part of your team, book your free clarity call to learn how we can work together.

See you on the other side!


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