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I remember waking up during the wee hours of the morning, not quite sure if it was still Sunday night or Monday morning. I knew the kids were getting restless with the raising heat and stillness in the air. Yes, the power had gone off and rain began to fall. It felt hot and humid. The wind was missing. I knew if I got up to verify the time or acknowledge the kids, no-one would go back to sleep. At least they weren’t fully awake – just uncomfortable. Pretty soon the thunder and lightening became the rhythmic lullaby and everyone fell asleep once again, despite the heat.

We awoke again, slightly dismayed to find that we were still without power and we quickly got into our routines and everyone left the home – except me and the baby.

I called the power company and heard the strangest but very honest response from a young woman. “Oh yes! Your area is without power. We don’t know what is wrong with the equipment. The technical staff is trying to figure it out.” Well now, it would be absurd if I asked her when I should expect power after that answer. I wasn’t mad at her at all. I instantly recognized her honesty and appreciated it more than she knew.

I stared into the distant sky remembering the message from my divine team – about making peace with where I was (I had even posted this on-line as a reminder to those who needed to hear it).

with where you are

There was nothing I could really do. And I wasn’t entertaining negative responses. My only immediate concern was that I had a call scheduled that morning and I had no idea how to contact my client without access to the Internet (she wasn’t comfortable with giving her number and I quickly realized that).

I checked in with my soul sister but she was experiencing the same fate as me. I asked another helpful young lady I knew and she was able to send a message to my client on my behalf. Phew! That was over with. So I asked myself, “What are the things needing my attention that I can do right now without having to use anything that needed electricity?”

Baby wasn’t sleeping yet so I did clearing statements (it’s a technique I also use with my clients in my  coaching program) and so baby fell asleep. And I got electricity. I was shocked, because this experience doesn’t match anything that i witnessed in the past with the power company. It was a freaking miracle because I got power within an hour of making peace with where I was!


Yes you guessed it, I had ample time to prepare for my call with my client.

So here is my question for you. Was it really about me “not deserving power” or was it a chance to “own my power” regardless of the circumstances?

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