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Today, I have decided to change the way I structure my affirmations. I have upgraded it to my personalised version of 3D affirmations (based on the concepts taught by Derek Rydall).

Here’s what we will do:

We’ll say each affirmation from 3 perspectives – I, You and He/She. I’ll use my name in these examples so please replace my name with yours!

I love using HayHouse Affirmations. So, here we go:

To get more love, I love myself more.
You get more love in your life by loving yourself more.
I heard that Kavita attracted more love into her life just by loving herself!


I’m sure you are grinning by now 🙂 Alright, let’s apply it to some more affirmations.

Everything I need to know is brought to me in delightful ways!
Everything you need to know is brought to you in delightful ways!
I’m in awe that everything Kavita needs to know is brought to her in delightful ways! It’s amazing how supportive the universe is!

As I make the effort to reconnect to my elevated consciousness, I also help you to reconnect to yours, and when you spend the time to reconnect to your Higher Self, you also help me. We are all in this together!

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Much love to you!



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