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When we decided to be here, we came as pure light.
Full of Love and Joy.
And Brilliance.

Then we learnt about the veil of fear.

And we bought it.

Curiously we entered the rabbit hole. And almost immediately we begin to buy the fear-monger stories. They were exciting mind-adventures, until we began to believe them and they began to become real.

We started to wear various faces to mirror what we truly feel or to desperately hide our feelings. Ultimately we knew, all feelings and expressions stem from love or fear. It is a choice. But we felt powerless in making that choice. It was daunting to have to figure stuff out.

As young adults we are already disgruntled. Why haven’t I gotten a road map? Why isn’t there a way to know what to do? Where to go? When to make a move? Jeez, I don’t even know…what the heck am I doing here? This isn’t what I signed up for, God!

I wanted to be this, and to do that and to have it all…all good of course. What is this? I wanted it ready-made, not raw materials.

See we forget the basic concept.
That we are One with God.
We are creators just like Him.
And as humans feeling is everything!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy the best toys that you think are pretty cool, that you wished you had…your kids enjoy them – for the moment. Then they find something else to fixate their attention on. Give them a roll of toilet paper and their creativity knows no bounds in what they can do with that thing.

We are like that. We need an external stimuli to grab our attention, and spark our imagination into action. A conversation, a feeling, and someone to play with. Feeling happy!

Are you having any of that in your life? If not, how can you change that?
And if you are, how are you using this creative energy to make a positive impact in your world?
We always have the power of choice. We get to choose our response to life’s experiences. We get to choose the outcome. The raw materials are there (like the situations we find ourselves in) but we get to use that to have a particular outcome, such as feeling joy.

That is an outcome.
Not the mansion – but the joy of exploring what it feels like to live in a mansion and have it serve all who have similar dreams and are in your circle of family/friends/acquaintances.

Today, make a conscious choice.
Choose Love when you play
Decide that your feeling is the only outcome that matters!

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