So what exactly is the blue diamond?

The blue diamond symbolizes the power of the masculine energy. 
It is a combination of the warrior and magician archetypes. 
It is a deep knowing of; what to do and precisely when to do it. 
It is practical magic. 
This is tangible manifestation. On repeat.

The stars on the logo represents the Lover archetype and the circle, the Sovereign.
The Sovereign values the perspective of the Lover. The Sovereign values it enough to decree her vision and desire onto the world, knowing that it is being manifested. She has the power to speak it into existence. 

And now the dance begins.
The beautiful dance between the Warrior and the Magician
The Warrior sets the stage
And the Magician performs his magical act.
Revealing the hidden gems.

This is where I step in as the Master Magician. 
I show up as the guide and mentor when transformational energies are at its peak to serve you.
I’m here to reconnect you with your ancient wisdom and hidden genius by upgrading the default ways in which you operate in “choosing to be in a human body”. 
You get to see and experience your true essence. 
Unbecoming everything you are NOT.
And instead embody your power. 
Unleash your creations. 
Play your biggest game
And become the Ultimate Gamer
While in your body

And it all starts here….Today.