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I used to indulge in sporadic ‘leap-of-faith” moments for the major challenges in my life. That was my old life.

My new life asks for courage to face the unknown. To step forward in faith – EVERYDAY! And to do so in small and big situations alike. I cannot move forward in any other aspects of my life unless I embrace this method and apply it.

I have discovered along the way, a quick foul-proof method in getting what I want. And I have shared it in an older post. I’ve decided to share it again because both you and I needed a reminder to use it more often.

We all know that we can get what we want but usually it’s our subconscious beliefs that keeps us from getting what we want. We can be our own best friend or worst nightmare. It’s always boils down to making a choice.



Method: Let go and let God
Here is the technique:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Recognize why you feel the way you feel.
  3. Take action for the things within your control and let go of the rest of it. How do you let go? In your morning/evening shower or bath, mentally talk to God about about. As you wash away the soap studs from your skin mentally let go. Release your control of the situation and ask God to sort it out. Intend that the outcome is for the highest good of your Highest Self and for all those involved.
  4. Be open to the result (as it comes from any direction and in any form).
  5. Remember to say thank you in prayer.

I have done this and have accomplished more in 3 days than I have in 3 weeks.

So, for all who are reading this, I encourage you to take a leap of faith if you are ready to change your life and I intend the best possible outcome that is in alignment with your Highest Self.

Thank you for reading this. I’m sending you much love and blessings in your journey! 

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