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Arch Angel Gabriel has been showing up very often today. I am reminded to follow through on the advice that is received today. Maybe this may be applicable for you too.


I feel that I have passed a particular test in my life and I’m onto the next phase. However, this phase is new, there’s not much is familiar about it. And so I see myself becoming defensive as build up resistance to protect me from “the unknown”.

It is the very unknown that will unearth the latent gifts within me and allow me to see the beauty of a new dawn – the life that I came to live.

So how does one go about embracing the unknown?

First things first:

Take one step at a time. In “the now”.

• Pray and ask for guidance in all the shady areas in your life. Take the action step based on the guidance given.

• Have friends who encourage you and believe in your dreams.

• Breathe and repeat.

What if you are so frozen with fear that your derriere is stuck to your chair and you are afraid to take any kind of action for the fear of failing? Or what if you become too overwhelmed by your sudden success? You don’t want to come across as unreliable to the people who commit to your work – what will you do then?

Just know that for every situation you’re in, there are a plethora of solutions – some much greater than you can ever muster up the courage to consider. Talk to God and the Angels and follow your inner guidance. Ultimately there is no wrong way. All paths lead to God. It’s just a matter of what kind of ride you prefer, on your way there.

Our old programming and human systems (in honoring the logical mind) trips us up as we hold on to an old identity of perfecting everything before we use it or step forward to share it.

These days, time appears shorter as we become more fickle minded being overloaded with sensory information from all of our electronic devices. So send your message out there. For every teacher there are assigned students and vice-versa. We are both the teacher and the student. We are the hands and voice of the Creator helping each other reconnect to the Source.

We are all expressions of God, learning to use this playground to raise the vibration of humanity.


Imagine a place where we can be together with great love, respect and support for each other. A place where there are no “success ladders” to climb. For when one succeeds we all succeed. When one learns something we all benefit from that information. It’s a place where the healer experiences more healing than the person being “healed” because the soul who is choosing to be healed, also makes this choice from a soul level. This soul is providing an opportunity for the healer to merge his or her consciousness with God. What a difference this thinking makes in our life. It’s easier to let go of judgment this way. Let’s strive to honor the God-self in each other.

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