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My experiences

You may experience your intuition gently whispering to you. Or you may have been seeing repeating signs, numbers, certain phrases….having lucid dreams, getting this feeling of having a premonition or experiencing déjà vu.

If you haven’t paid attention you’ll know it was something good but you can’t for-the-life-of-you remember what it was!

If you have been paying attention you KNOW that you need to scribble that intuitive hit down on something that you can find, when you need it!

I see those signs, now what?

Well, you have to first interpret your messages. Their meanings are two-fold. There is a generally meaning and a personalized meaning that applies to a specific area of your life.

If you are fumbling with meanings and patterns, that’s my area of expertise 🙂

After you know what your message is, you may simply glide into incorporating the message and the lessons.

Unfortunately, as humans we tend to over analyze simple Universal truths. And then our old limiting beliefs get in the way and trip us up from embracing the truth!

What do I do then?

I’d always recommend that you hire a mentor or a coach that you resonate with! 


Because we cannot see our own blind spots. Because as David Neagle puts it “we don’t know what we don’t know!”

And why not let your good friend be a mentor?

Well because you friend is supposed to love you and all your flaws. So there won’t be a sense of urgency to change it. Or the other thing may happen, you won’t take your friend seriously!

Your coach is going to help you see your blind spots and guide on how to overcome them. (Yes, that’s my specialty too! – and it comes with a dose of divine intuition, so if you are not willing to be honest with yourself your reality will surely give you a bumpy ride).

It’s for the same reason why I hire a coach. An awesome coach always has another awesome coach behind him/her.

The important part is that you choose someone that you resonate with.

About that aligned action thing …?

Yes, once you get clear on what you want. Then the next step will always be revealed to you.

You need to take that step before you are given your next clue. If you have been ignoring the clue or resisting the step then you’re not in the game!! You’ve put yourself on the sidelines. You’ve decided to sit on the fence. And then you benign to feel that your life is passing by without you. 

Another important factor that your coach does is that she/he holds you accountable to take that step! So that you stay in the game and move gracefully along your path.

And when the path is full of twists and turns your coach reminds you that he/she is holding your vision for you! She/he will always bring you back to your vision and your mission.

This is how we change the world. And that change starts with me and you.

Are you ready to get off the fence?!

Book your clarity call today!

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