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“Ahh! You again!” My heart sang as the butterfly danced along an intricately woven path that was placed in thin air, just a few feet from where I stood.

I have been too busy in my earlier life to play connect the dots, though it was no fault of my conscious mind. My subconscious beliefs lead me to believe that ‘I could not rely on anyone but myself‘ and ‘If I needed to get something done the right way, I had to do it myself‘. This kind of thinking lead to many years of toiling and much disappointment in creating my desires.

So, you can imagine the amount of change that has happened for me to be conscious of the divine signs around me.

Of course, I’m also human, and at times, I trip over myself though I believe it’s a gracious act to keep our humility and humor in tact.

Butterflies signify change…no, transformation both in mythology and symbolism. And though I may feel that I have had too much change for one lifetime, those butterfly sightings have multiplied over the last two years. After much exposure to these delicate creatures I have learned that no two butterfly held exactly the same message.

Though their re-occurrence is linked to our ability to accept a glimpse of the future. I remember one huge butterfly whose appearance reminded me of a snake shedding it’s skin. And, yes you are right, it was signalling me to let go of my old, stringent ways, and embrace my new lifestyle.

Today this one was extra-special. I have seen it 4 times in two days and I’wont be surprised if I see it again. I felt this butterfly was in bliss and had an important message for me that related to a state of being. So, in silence I asked what it meant. Immediately I was guided to the computer and there on my news feed was the butterfly with the following message below it:

“If you accept every emotional state to be a unique expression of the highest state in existence, then the truth of it all is surely revealed. Equally so, when you accept the highest possibility of any moment is the only possibility available to you, such an experience begins to blossom. Conversely, if you imagine different possibilities to always be the highest, your experience may seem vacant and in need of something to chase after or constantly maintain. Knowing deep in your heart, no amount of chasing or maintaining leads to the highest possibility. That is, until you accept the truth that whatever is already here could only be the highest possibility that life has ever imagined for this auspicious moment in time. Perhaps, once you surrender into accepting every moment is already the highest possibility in existence, your life begins to confirm such insights with experiences of the highest order. (from”

I thought about it. It was true, I can remember instances where my mind believed that the grass was greener on the other side. There are so many ways, that we incorporate this false assumption into our lives. We may be gadget-addicts buying the best phone on the market and loving it for the moment until we turn to glace over our shoulders to see the newer model of the same phone or a completely different phone that has topped somebody’s billboard list. We even do it as self-help addicts. We buy the best book or audio/video package to connect to God and use it for a few days before discarding it for the next best thing on the market.

So, let’s make peace with ourselves and enjoy our lives, moment by moment, interacting with other divine beings in human flesh, our universal brothers and sisters, as we collectively raise our awareness and the consciousness of the planet.



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