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Today, I was upset. I realized too that feeling felt foreign for such a simple matter. I also realized it was linked to some feelings of irritability that came up over the weekend.


Yes, if I wanted to play the blame game I could justify it on the lack of restful sleep. But, that doesn’t mean I should respond to the situation with irritability. I can in fact, correct my course of action, since the irritability was just trying to get my attention that I was going down the wrong road.

As I sat down to have my morning dialogue with God, I heard myself and my thoughts but I could not feel a response. I needed to be more receptive. I knew I was guided to make a phone call yesterday so I decided to do it. As I was put on hold, I realized I was still sniffling from crying, so I read a few positive thoughts on my FB page. It worked like a charm! I became calm. Wait a minute, fifteen minutes had passed and no-one had taken the call as yet!

Because I was in a clearer state of mind, I instantly realized that I was on the wrong mental frequency when I placed the call. I hung up and instantly re-dialed the number. Someone immediately answered my call. Even though I was transferred three times, I took the opportunity to focus on the feeling of how I wanted the outcome of the call to be.


What do you think happened? Of course, it worked out! It was my miracle for today! I was so happy that I felt that I could touch the sky, I thanked God for His help on the matter, but the experience put me to wonder… How many times have we sat down waiting for our miracle in the wrong frequency lane?  How many times we didn’t actively realize we needed to change our state of mind, just a little bit, then try again? Or did we say, ‘Oh I tried that before and it didn’t work, so why bother’?


It’s like flying an airplane, just shift your craft slightly to adjust to the external conditions while you keep your eye on the destination. Flying does take practice though so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Happy flying!

Much love, ~Kavita~


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