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My munchkin is a ballerina. You know the heart-centered, girly-girl type. Lots of emotions and everything pink!

Then she got exposed to seeing a group of older girls on stage demonstrating karate. And that just set-off a light bulb. She wanted to feel that empowerment. That strength and certainty that she experienced. She didn’t mind being a ballerina, but now more than ever she wanted to do karate.

And so she kicked and punched everything in sight for three weeks straight until I stopped her to focus on her academic performance. That was just for one week.

Of course I wanted her to do what she loved! I had no idea of any karate schools, who to trust etc. I handed it over to the Universe.

The first option that came up was the right one! She enrolled with ease and grace, found a great instructor and got 16 hours for $10 bucks! (It’s an incentive summer program to commit to the year long program).


How about that for manifestation? 🙂

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