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One of the fun things that I like to do when I feel like I might give into doubt is, to ask the Universe for a sign to prove that I am on the right path, to continue doing what I am doing.

Now here is the thing, I do consider myself very fortunate because I get my personal guidance when I sit down and tune into the higher frequencies of the Universe. However since everything happens in the awareness of my mind sometimes it’s not enough to quiet the ego mind. And when that happens I ask for a sign. A physical sign I can experiences with my senses.

During my morning rituals and conversations with my Divine Team, I placed my request to see a physical sign. Then I did the next best thing. i forgot about it and when merrily along enjoying the events and people in my day.

As I chatted with my soul sister and played with my daughter I looked up and saw a huge heart-shaped cloud in the sky directly in front of me! I was  surprised and happy. I just love  when I know that the Universe supports me! Then before we could digest that I saw a humming bird up close and personal. This sign I had to research.

Here’s what I found:

The hummingbird affirmed that I was on the right path because I was being light and happy while I discussed work. This was the key to staying resilient and tirelessness. I must remain open to life’s experiences with lightness and flexibility.

Have you put in your request lately? I’d love to hear about the signs that showed up for you!

Much love, heart-cloud


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