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People can give me the best advice on something new that I’m percolating in my mind, however because I am standing outside of their experience and I’m not willing to lean into feeling what they are saying then even though I heard them and understood their words, I would have missed the depth of the lesson.

At the end of the day, words are a tool to move us into an experience. Currently, I have no past experience in my reality to relate to this newly formulated idea. So, unless I am willing to ask their help to progress a step further and to experience what they are talking about,  and to monitor my willingness to change the situation, then nothing changes. Period.

Let’s use a business example to illustrate this. For example: Let’s say, you are considering to completely revamp your website and someone asks, “Well, what’s wrong with the one you have?” And you say that it doesn’t look the way you want it to (the finished result).

They again advise you to start where you are, and as things become clearer, you can decide if you have enough information to do a complete overhaul.

Yet your mind insists in the having of this new website because you have made it your excuse. You say,  “After I get my brand-new website, then I can get great clients, etc”. You go out there and spend a ton of money and get a sparkling website. And then, you still hear crickets chirping. No sale is coming in. Where did you go wrong?


Can you relate to this story? Maybe this has been your exact experience. Maybe you can easily think of some situations where you wonder that you could have made a better choice.

Do you see the flawed premise in that thinking? You mind is choosing a short-sighted goal, when in the long run, your original work had the ability all along to create what you wanted. The only difference is that you had to believe in your vision and put in some elbow grease to polish it. In other words, you had to be congruent with your Truth!

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s okay if you want to revamp your life, your business etc. However, if you go demolishing everything and build a new one without first addressing your core beliefs around it, then it would make no sense.

After you gain clarity and focus, it automatically creates the drive for you to actively be involved in the creative process and the unfolding of your new website (or a new phase of your life).

You have to make peace with where you are and be willing to embrace the inner work and other requirements of having the results you want.


If you are serious about changing your life from the inside out, let’s talk about it. PM me on Facebook to book a free clarity call to see if we are a good match for each other. Then we can decide what’s the best way for you to break free from your struggle syndrome.

I’m Kavita, your personal Truth Coach, Symbolic Intuitive and Guide. I help people like you find, honor, and live their truth (yes – it’s a 3-phase journey), from the inside out so that every decision you make comes from the core of your soul. So if you have been battling it alone, any of this resonates with you, then this can be the first step to your moving into your true potential.

Let’s do this!

Love, Light & Blessings,


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