I had a vision of the blue diamond back in December 2019.
It was a stunning vision.
It was also terrifying.  
Because it required me to do the unthinkable.
It required me to kill my online business and brand that I had built since 2013.

It seemed like I was going through a metamorphosis.
But I was wrong.
It was more like a “Phoenix Rising” experience.

I was no longer able to operate only from compassion, love and light.
I could no longer tolerate friendships and relationships that cuddled, held and soothed me.
Everything around became meaningless.
Because I no longer had the desire to attach meaning to it – to make my reality make sense.
I became the sound of stillness.
Watching my power return to me
To see hidden trauma that was trapped in my body dissolve.
It was time to show the world how to return to Truth – while in the human body.
And so I did.

Fast forward to today, I am now deeply satisfied because of the solid foundation I have laid.
I now guide others from Absolute Truth.

There is no space for anything less.
I know that not everyone is ready for this level of Truth.

Shadows would have you believe that you can hold onto old patterns and still have the result you truly desire. I am sure you have even seen people do this. That person is either always hustling or creating 10 things at once to avoid the discomfort of lack.

However there is no true satisfaction. Because there is no lack. You can have as much as you want, when you want it. Resources show up when there is a desire and a purpose for it. If you create without activating and honoring your calling then you will never be satisfied.
And there is no judgement of these human tendencies.

However, for those who are ready and make themselves available for constant evolution…
Your life will never be the same.
There are unimaginable levels of deep satisfaction available for you.