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I have the most challenging week this week. I cannot remember myself covering the entire emotional scale in one week. It’s exhausting! Click here for a good example of what your EGS looks like.

The amazing thing was that as I felt the lower emotional energy, I not only felt the energy constricting in my chest but also I literally felt like I was withering like a flower. My chakras were closing up! The experience was so striking that I knew that I had to stop this spiraling energy in its tracks. I had to stop and take stock of the lessons and the trigger points here in this moment. I had to grow from it before moving back up the scale.


I have had the trigger points and challenges before and I have moved beyond it, where it no longer bothered me. But it was never uprooted. Now is my chance. It will trail behind me like excess baggage until I get it “right”. Whichever way I go, it’s fine, for there are lessons to be learnt, regardless of my moves.


I have realized I have vibrated myself into a different level of the game of life. I no longer have to find my way out of the maze to move up another level. I have to demolish or construct the walls of the maze in this level. It’s asking for me to be more innovative, more creative. I have to connect to my God-Given-Creator side in me and make the game that I want to play.


I’m in awe that this new play-field. Everything is more. More depth, light, space, more sensitivity, more challenges. And instant manifestation. Yes, the rewards are greater. However, the rewards were always a byproduct of our thoughts, words and actions.


There are many who have passed this level and there are many who are at this level. So while i’m still absorbing my new energy field, I’d love to hear your story!

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