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Hi everyone,

In the past month, I have been bombarded with nuggets of wisdom to share with you via this blog and through my newsletters. My newsletter is based on the principles of the Universe and how to use them to your advantage and this blog is generally geared towards sharing how that principle would¬† have manifested in my life’s experiences.

I’ve always advised my clients to journal and to make a note of every single intuitive hit that they would have gotten. I switched from scribbling to doing voice memos on my phone. But they never made it here. And then the answer creep up upon me within two weeks or so of my dilemma. It was so subtle. I used it but I didn’t make the connection.

Today I owned it! Because I realized it was an answer to my prayer! The answer was Periscope! Yes, writing here is so much more fun than talking live! But, it was able to give me what I want.

I get an intuitive message about the lesson behind my current situation or the someone else’s story and…..Bam! I can just take a few minutes and unceremoniously ‘scope it to you!


So, with that said. If it isn’t here in writing, then it’s on Periscope. So get on board the Periscope train and follow me if my blogs resonate with you! Look for @earthangelwish.

Much love and blessings,


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