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Today I woke up and i got my divine messages and I loved the theme for the day! However, physically I wasn’t up to speed! I felt I needed a power nap.

I listened to Abraham-Hicks until a call with my client today and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed the energy shifts and clarity that came out of it. I went a little over my schedule and found myself in a jam. Well, I didn’t label the situation then. I didn’t want to put labels on it.

I needed to cook lunch in less than an hour. The thing is, all my meals are cooked from scratch. So breadfruit soup with was. I did what I could, I said a prayer to ask for help on getting it done and I let it go!

Presto! My soup was ready just in time as my family came home and as soon as they left, the area I was in got a power outage? What’s up with that? Again, I could go into feeling miserable about it, but I didn’t entertain it.

My mind reflected on a previous power outage I had (and that story is in an earlier blog post). I thought of my possible solutions and I felt that they were not applicable to what was happening now.

I had a call at 3pm today and I was going to get power to make it happen. I went ahead and took a 1/2 hour power nap on my acupressure mat and played a subliminal track through my earphones.

At 2:52 I had power! I had the most amazing call with Maru (! I loved her energy and for her showing up to honor her path. She is my mentor by just being who she is. Isn’t that a wonderful way to help people? So yes, today we finally talked! Yay!


I’m off to yoga class now. I’m tuning into my intuition and taking the next step. Are you?

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