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Today I was inspired to read an article by Matt Khan and the words declutter, purify and re-calibrate made quite an impression on me, based on my real life experiences. Matt talks about an energetic trend that is taking place, during the months May-June-July. It can inspire you to clean up your act or it can work against you based  on your level of resistance. (Click here for that full article.)

I have spent the last two months ending projects, decluttering and examining my mental trends for reasons to certain behavior patterns.
It has been an uneventful ride to say the least. My most annoying challenges were setting an objective for the day only to have it disrupted by other people I hold close to my heart.
I have come to realise that this has happened because I loved them more than myself and therefore allowed that misalignment to disrupt my plans of tending to me first.
I needed to ensure that I’m 100% charged via God’s loving energy and divine will, before facing the day and others.
It was not that I didn’t know or practice this; the problem was that I was running around ‘half-charged’ and couldn’t survive 24 hours of creating exactly what I wanted.
So that was one pattern. Then there was this fascinating pattern of believing that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. So I indulged in one more book,  one more class, one more gadget of the day. The funny thing is as soon as I acquired it, I don’t make full use of it but instead go looking for that ever elusive “thing” to fill the void inside myself. Does this sound familiar to you? 
The void is ME. I was avoiding the responsibility of accepting that I was born with everything that I needed to succeed in this lifetime.  My real work (and yours) is to allow myself to emerge and shine.
And now that I have surrendered my will to have it integrated with God’s divine will, I have gotten a glimpse of a whole new world and a new support system.
I am able to see that I was approaching my life from the wrong angle all along. I had wanted to be certain that I was going in the right direction, so I look at people who have done it, the statistics of that and basically an attitude of ‘I-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it’.
But it’s not like that at all, it’s about having a desire, then putting it out there to God. Have a discussion with Him on all the fears that arise from your ego-mind and then surrender it all. The process, the outcome, everything!
I pay attention to the signs that I receive and I am willing to take a leap of faith. I now address new concerns (with God) as it comes up and move forward when in alignment to my desire. I am constantly reminded to take action based on my desire and not my current reality. This is the stuff that you do to make your dreams come true!
The journey is an adventure. The adventure is always unfolding and not a destination spot as we would like to believe. This is where we have to recalibrate our minds. It isn’t a clear path from point A to point B as it is created by our choice, desires, expectations and belief systems.
I’m ‘excited to keep evolving just to see how brightly I can shine’, to use Matt’s words.
How have you been affected by this energetic trend?

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