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Art series.

Today I was determined to get some of my to-dos done. I was stalling and I wasn’t sure why. I knew I stalled because there is some piece of the puzzle missing and with some tweaking everything falls into place. Or…..because some self-limiting belief has surfaced and wants to make itself known to me!

I was in thinking mode so at this point I could not determine which concept was applicable to my current reality. At some point later in the day, I sat down to play with my tarot cards and was immediately told to contact someone on her marriage situation. I didn’t have a problem sharing the message, but I did feel like I was imposing on her because she did not ask me to do a reading on the matter.

Sure enough she was on-line in that moment and I tried my best to convey the message into words that hopefully made sense to her. I tend to feel, see or know the message, and therein lies my challenge. For some clients, the message is heard clearly and my fingers struggle to catch up with the speed of the message as it is conveyed.

Imagine my delight when she confirmed that she has been receiving the same message in different ways and she was grateful for the confirmation that she was on the right path! We are continents apart and hardly know each other. This is the reason I love doing what I do! I get to see God work wonders in the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters.

Automatically I knocked myself into full-blown intuitive mode, by just reaching out to her. I started to sense a strong presence of Archangel Michael as I tuned into his energy. I realized in that moment that He was one of the angels that is designated to help me accomplish my divine mission. He becomes instantly present whenever I think of him.

I’ve had the health and well-being of my family on my mind. And….I was questioning if I should continue to do readings for others (as if the story above wasn’t enough confirmation). Crazy, right?


He proceeded to show me that my prayers had been heard and reassured that it will be addressed in due course. The impact of being answered within the same day and with such accuracy and clarity has me weeping in gratitude. I’m human after all, and of course I’ll go through the human condition to better understand what it feels like to be clouded by my mental chatter and to gain clarity with Divine Guidance.

So, if you feel you need confirmation or clarity regarding an issue in your life, just drop me a line. Get free daily messages via my Facebook page or try my services for FREE before you commit to a full-fledged reading and healing session.

I’d love to hear from you!

Love and Light,


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