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So I went to the ATM and just when there were two people in front of me, all the ATM’s stopped working! What’s up with that? I decided to let it go and approach another ATM later in my day! When I visited the next ATM, it wasn’t there!


Now I was in a space of well I can do this but going to the 3rd ATM would be out of town and I needed the money to pay for something (or so I thought). And so I “discovered” a newly built ATM (I didn’t know it existed).

This is what this pattern intuitively means:

I’ve recently stretched my mind about my life vision and financial goals, and here my reality is reacting to my new train of thoughts. Basically, it’s showing me to be courageous to explore new ways of reaching for what I want.

Are you seeing evidence that you are shifting your reality? PM if you need to figure out what all this stuff means or how to shift the energy to create momentum!

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