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How many times have you sat down, staring blankly through the window, hoping for some confirmation that you are on the right path? Your mind tugs at the opportunity to spit out a series of “What if” questions can either let you soar or trip you up! Given the state of mind you are in, your mind would rather hinge on questions like:

“What if I the ladder that I’m climbing up, is placed on the wrong wall?” “What if I let go all of my previous beliefs to follow my bliss, and I don’t like the end result?”

Feeling the emotions of these questions is revolting but, practically analyzing them as you look at them in writing on this screen, can make you laugh at it’s absurdity.

You will agree that everything happens for a reason and therefore you should honor the journey and its lessons. You may admit that it is easier said than done sometimes.

And so when you are tired of your mental battles, you reach out to your dear friends and families to reaffirm the truth in you that you already know. Sometimes they choose to tell a version of the truth, in a manner that provokes your ego.

What is it that you are longing for? Is it your expectation that you are given a road-map from your point of departure to your destination point? Is it here where you feel that only God has the answer and should aptly provide this information to you?

You are right, God can guide you – but based on your decisions! That is His greatest gift to man – freewill! So, what should you be doing? It’s a matter of engaging your soul purpose and your life purpose.

What is the difference between your Soul Purpose and your Life Purpose

Simply put, I believe that your Soul Purpose was that you are here to learn and your Life Purpose is what you are here to teach!

So maybe your soul purpose is what is preventing you to embrace your life purpose. You are trying to learn your lessons so that you can be a great teacher. Yet the two cannot be separated. They are like the sides of a coin – different and inseparable. You are the student and the teacher, as you teach you learn. As you embrace your lessons you honor your teachers by surpassing your tutor.

Like a good story, the plot is never revealed until the final chapter. So too, your journey unfolds unveiling this student/teacher dance as you make your mark on this world canvas. You are the artist and the canvas! You are the director and actor of your life story.

Ask yourself:

– What is your dream? What empowers you?

How can you use all that you have learned so far for the highest good of humanity?

We all pave a path for the next generation to use and cut their own paths. We are all in the task of raising the consciousness of humanity, and thus creating a better tomorrow. today.


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