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It’s so amazing how various feelings indicate where we are in relation to what we want.

And we get mad for feeling that way!

What do you do to change it?
Well if you can choose an activity that makes you feel better than where you are. And if you can’t, ask your Angels for help.

I felt something was “off” in my vibration. I couldn’t put a label to what it might be. I trusted it would reveal itself. And then I got the sign to do some forgiveness work on myself.

Forgiveness? I think I’m really good at forgiving. So what was this about? Well, it turned out that I needed to practice forgiveness to myself, every time I listened to that inner critic and doubted my abilities.


So subtle but what a profound feeling of freedom in making the time to do this. Have you forgiven yourself lately? If not, this is a great reminder to do so!


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